tips-tips penting yang mesti di ambil tahu

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tips-tips penting yang mesti di ambil tahu

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 11, 2008 2:26 pm

Tips-tips forum yang berguna

How to change you profile information?
If your want to change your profile information, just go to :

profile > Information

How to add signature?
Signature is small picture on your every post. to add it just follow this path :

profile > signature > add any img on signature box by using [img][/img] code

To attach you sig on your post :

go to profile > Preferences > Always attach my signature > yes

how to change Avatar?

profile > Avatar > upload Avatar

How to add topic as your favorites?
Adding topic as favorites can make you easy to trace it back without search whole forum.

To add topic as favorites :

go to topic page > click 'Action' > choose 'Add to favorites'

To open you favorites topic :

go to profile > Favorites

How to reply a activate private message popup
this function allow you to get pop up windows every time your receive private message.

profile > preferences > Notify on new Private Message : > yes

Friends & foe management
To activate friends & foe management just follow this path :

profile >Friends and foes > add you friends or foe

banyak lagi yang akan ditambah kemudian :)
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selamat datanng ke boraksakan diharap semua enjoy dan meramaikan lagi forum ini ok

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